Zena Brite



“Our pleasure awaits, lets start our adventure.”

Remember the sweet, shy caring, beautiful girl who sat behind you in math class? The one you always wanted to talk to but could never quite work up the courage to say hi.

I’m Zena Brite and I am waiting for you to pass me that note in math class.

With my Midwest Wisconsin roots, I am the exotic beauty with a heart of gold you always wanted to meet. Everything about me from my smooth, dark skin to my sweet and giving soul is made to both entice you and make you completely comfortable.

I love everything about sex and if I haven’t tried it I want to! I love exploring my own sexuality and the sexuality of my partners. I love the freedom of exploration BDSM gives and I am a true switch! Whether it’s a sweet submissive who is ready to bend to your every whim or a strong dom who is ready to make you beg I find genuine pleasure in both.

Don’t worry though, I may be a freak in the sheets, but I am always a lady in the streets. Just imagine the two of us getting each other ready before we flee into the night on a whirlwind adventure, I wonder what waits for us?

My giving and receiving nature extends beyond the bedroom, back home in Wisconsin I actually worked as a CNA (certified nurses assistant). Because of this, I am uniquely able to help people navigate various disabilities as we create the perfect sexual adventure.

I am a girl from the Midwest, so I always support our troops, I give amazing discounts to our active service members and our veterans.

I also give discounts for people looking to explore for their first time. I think one of the most erotic things in the world is helping someone discover their own body and all the pleasure we can find.

Appointments with deposits always get extra time and extra consideration.

Our pleasure awaits, lets start our adventure.



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