Violet Vixen


“I’m a lady that likes to go on adventures and have fun in the sun.”

Hi there, I’m Violet Vixen! I’m a lady that likes to go on adventures and have fun in the sun. I’ve traveled here all the way from Florida to have some good times and experience the thrills that are available here! I have tons of hobbies that fill me with joy, a few of which are pole dancing, rock climbing, going to the gym, practicing my violin and more. While I adore going out and seeking excitement, I’m very happy spending some quality time in and watching my favorite shows with someone special.

If you like a tall, athletic, and curvy good time then I’m the girl for you. I am sweet and sultry with a naughty streak in a 5’9 package with hazel eyes and a big smile. I love being around people that are light-hearted, can make me laugh, and have some deep conversations. I have 2 tattoos at the moment (I really want another one soon!) and a few piercings, want to try and find them?

As far as my sexy time interests, I am an eager pleaser. I have the best time when I know my partner is enjoying themselves and is having a blast. I am active in the BDSM and kink community and I am a submissive brat that is willing to serve someone that can break through the sass. I am a massage therapist and I love incorporating that into a party, so if you have some aches and pains or just want some….relief let me know and we can work it in! One of my biggest turn-ons is being called a “good girl” and getting some spankings! If you have a secret desire or a special kink, just talk to me and let’s try to accommodate it as I want you to have tons of fun right along with me!

Let’s have a fast and sexy time or a slow and intimate rendezvous, I’m open to both as long as I get to spend it with you!


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