Roxy Gold


“You Will be the Focus of My World!!”

Hello! Welcome to my world! My name is Roxy Gold, I am a longtime provider of a sacred space for gentlemen, ladies, and couples to escape the confines of day-to-day life and explore secret (or perhaps not so secret) desires. Before I arrived at the Sagebrush Ranch I was a beauty advisor by day for top brands and an exotic dancer by night. I truly loved helping ladies discover their look and providing men close contact in a risque environment. Giving is my specialty. I take pleasure in genuine connections and put all of my best efforts forth when a friend comes to see me. Whether you’re interested in a short but oh-so-sweet encounter, many hours of companionship, or exploring what might be considered taboo, when you and I are friends all your fantasies become not just realities, but the main elevated focus of my world. I want to get to know you and traverse with you. Tell me what you’re interested in, or ask me my thoughts about any topic you like. I sincerely look forward to your company.your company.

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