Melanie Taylor

Age: 21
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 110
Bust: 34D
Bi: yes
Kiss/GFE: yes

Email: [email protected]


    “I have what you need. Take it. You deserve it.”

    I’m Melanie Taylor, and I specialize in transformative erotic experiences that are “Taylor-made” just for you! A fresh and tight 21-year-old of Ethiopian heritage, I’m told that my exotic beauty is mesmerizing, and that to look upon me has aphrodisiacal effects. Knowing that I turn you on turns me on, so don’t be shy. I long for you to gaze into my deep brown eyes, kiss my soft lips passionately and intensely, and taste my sensuously sweet caramel skin as we get lost in our lust for one another and begin a wild and immensely gratifying affair.

    I’m a very outgoing and forthright person, so I’m sure you’ll find me a breeze to engage with. I want you to reach out to me and tell me everything that’s missing in your love life, and everything that you’re yearning to experience, so that when we’re together I can treat you to an intimate encounter that will thoroughly fill your hunger and have you wanting for nothing. You won’t have to hold back or watch your words with me. If you can dream it, I can deliver your fantasy in the flesh.

    While I absolutely adore delightful trysts and naughty romps like bachelor parties, dress up and sexual role play, and a spectrum of fetishistic delectations, I sincerely appreciate extended dates and overnight sessions with my lovers, so that we can take our time and indulge ourselves in an enthralling Girlfriend Experience. Let’s go out on the town and explore the serene loveliness of Lake Tahoe or the thrilling night life of Las Vegas or Reno. Nevada is a beautiful place with so much to offer you and your alluring new sweetheart.

    I want your experience with me to be more than physically satisfying, although it certainly will be. I want our relationship to be nothing less than life-changing. I want to fill the void in your sex life and take you to that warm, loving place that you’ve been longing to go for a very long time. I have what you need. Take it. You deserve it.


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