Lexie Jade

Age: 26
Height: 5’3
Weight: 135 lbs
Bust: 36C
Bi-Sexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE: Absolutely!

Email: [email protected]


    “I love working with men of all ages, sizes, races, and experience levels.”

    Big black eyes, an even bigger smile, and an ass of an angel.. I will captivate you. Ciao, I’m Lexie Jade, a 20 something hottie from Scottsdale. I’m a conversationalist and instant companion, but don’t let my witty sensuality fool you- my drive to have fun and go wild is always near the surface.

    I love travel, hiking, swimming, going to art shows and galleries, concerts, dance clubs, and of course- trying new food. I am a collector of experiences, and only the best of the best. Let’s go to lake Tahoe, then clean up to see some live music and wine and dine our way back to your hotel room. Seafood and steak are my favorite, besides the taste of you that I’ll savor of course. Being taken out is my favorite way to do my favorite type of parties- the GFE. GFE is one of my three main specialties because it comes so naturally to me. Intimacy, connection, and eroticism come so easily to me, you’ll be able to feel how genuine our time together is. to the outside world- our laughter, incessant touch, and inside jokes will leave people knowing we have known each other for years and wonder, “How do I get some of that?”

    On the flip side, my desire to strip down facades and get real equally help me to dominate sexually. My range is wide- from sensual psychological dominance- to literal restraints and toys wielded by a powerful woman WILL make you feel controlled, safe, and in my hands- do you trust me? Whether the ties that bind are imagined or real, get ready to relax, be owned, and catered to.

    Have I mentioned my third specialty? Couples. Couples excite me because I am able to take the the drooling excited man, and the excited yet timid woman, and bring them to my level so we can make the fantasy you two have been dreaming of come to fruition. My ability to speak to and cater to the woman is unprecedented. As I focus my energy on the woman and her trepidation as well as her deep desires, she blooms with excitement and readiness, simultaneously- the man is getting turned on. To see me respect and seduce your woman by putting her first will surprise you and turn you on like never before. What? You want this? I know, me too.

    I love working with men of all ages, sizes, races, and experience levels. Virgins are an always welcome and appreciated kind of party. It will be my honor to be your first, and show you how amazing all of this can be. Don’t be shy, take a ride with me- You’ll remember it forever.

    Don’t forget that my repeat clients are my prized men. With 20% deposits made to the ranch for future parties, you get my personal number to chat until we meet again. Let’s get to know each other, I can’t wait!

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