Lana Mason



“I am a princess and I do love to pamper myself…”

I’m so excited to introduce myself- my name is Lana Mason, a Latin American Princess originally from New York. I love the lights and the contestant energy of the city that never sleeps. I love being able to walk down the street and find a food truck, a bodega or a fun club where I can show off on the dance floor.

Lately, though I’ve found the Miami beach’s calling my name. I love the sun-kissed summers and the parties that never stop moving. Give me the crashing waves and the sand between my toes, framed by the palm trees, sipping a mojito, and life is good

Do you think you can keep up? Don’t worry, my sassiness is tempered by how sweet I can be, I’ll teach you a few moves if you return the favor.

This is actually my first time living in such a quiet area! I had never seen the desert before! I’m just in awe of how the sagebrush gives way to the beautiful blue of Lake Tahoe. I can’t wait for the summer months when I can spend hours on the beach.

I am a princess and I do love to pamper myself in mind, body, and soul. You can easily find me in a museum admiring the art, the street shopping for something luxurious to wear, or in any fine dining establishment sipping a glass of wine. Maybe you and I have a spa day in our future where we sip mimosa’s and pamper our bodies before we pamper each other.

If it’s your first trip to the ranch that’s okay- it’s mine too! We can explore this untamed desert together.

I think learning your body is so important- if it’s your first-time exploring sex I’d love to teach you all about pleasing yourself and your partner. If it’s not your first time but it has been a long time lets rediscover pleasure together. I offer amazing discounts for gentlemen who want to spend a longer time together.

I also cater to couples who want to have their first three-some experience, couples who want reconnect with each other and every other kind of couple.

Email me and we can start planning our own unique adventure together!



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