Jordan Vaughn

Age: 24
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 170 lbs
Bust: 36C
Bi-Sexual: Yes

Email: [email protected]

In house tour dates:
Currently-June 18th
June 25th- July 16th
July 23rd- August 13th


    “Although my presence is naturally dominating, I also love to submit and please.”

    Hi! I’m Jordan Vaughn. Born and raised in the beautiful state of Texas; I’ve never had a reason to leave until now. I’ve lived between Austin and Dallas for the last five years, juggling life between a University of Texas student by day and working as a stripper by night. You could definitely say I’ve graduated to bigger and better things! Traveling the world and escaping the mundane norms of every day life fire me up. I love to hike, swim, be around any body of water, and immerse myself in the outdoors. Like a true country girl, I’m not afraid to rough it and get my hands dirty. I played sports competitively my entire life and stay in tip top shape with yoga, cardio, weights, a vegan diet, and great sex.

    I’m tall, covered in freckles, athletic, and from Bavarian decent. My roots stem from European royalty and I love to be treated like the Goddess I was in a past life. I am the tallest girl at all the ranches, standing at 6’2” with legs and booty for days! If my body doesn’t mesmerize you, I have icy blue eyes that will peer into your soul as we indulge in euphoric conversation. I have been told my presence and intuitive energy make people feel comfortable enough to confess all of their deepest secrets and desires. They will always be safe with me 😉 Our time together will leave you comfortable and relaxed, like you’ve known me your whole life. It brings me joy to make you laugh and smile. After hanging out with me, you might realize you’ve found the girl of your dreams, a friend, confidant, and porn star all in one package.

    Although my presence is naturally dominating, I also love to submit and please. Don’t get me wrong though, I love to have control in the bedroom. With my long legs wrapped around you, I just so happen to always get my way. Whether you’re looking for the entertaining porn star experience or an intimate luxury companion, I’m the perfect girl to take out on the town or cuddle with for a cozy night in.

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