Grace Jones


“I love life. Every day is a wonderful and glorious day. I love dressing up for that special man in my life so he is proud to say, ‘she’s with me!'”

I am not a stranger to all the eyes being on me. My charisma can charm even the stuffiest litigators and the room lights up as soon as I walk in.

Having me on your arm will never be a disappointment or an embarrassment. We will share inside jokes and every man in the room will be wondering what I whispered in your ear to make you smile from ear to ear.

I want my man to be the happiest man in the world when he sees me…before I even say hello. He will be so happy just from seeing me because he knows how much fun we will have together. Whether we are having brunch or relaxing with a beer, I am full of poise and class. I can charm your colleagues with my intellect and entertain your friends with my witty banter.

All I know, is that my date will be the happiest man in the world as long as I’m by his side.

I guarantee it!

So stop by today and say hello, let’s plan out all of the fun we will have together and get it started.

I am so eager to meet you.


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