Lotus Lover

Size 11 jeans
9 1/2- 10
Lots of fun
Great head on my shoulders
Beautiful lips
Nice big booty
Pretty and
Creole Princes
(French,Scottish,Spanish& African American mix)
Email: [email protected]



    I draw energy from people. So I tend to be drawn to positive and happy people. I just love the different perspectives and experiences that others bring to the table. One of my passions is travel, and I haven’t done nearly enough of it this year.

    Personally, I am a unique combination of sweet, sensible, and passionate. I am a non-judgmental free-spirit that likes to explore the world and those around me.

    I enjoy being feminine and am most comfortable in high-end restaurants, luxury resorts, casinos, and situations where I can show off my femininity on the arm of a true aficionado.

    Your time with me will be filled with soul-satisfying conversation, spirit-lifting laughter, and breath-taking passion. How we spend our time together is only limited by our imagination.



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