Abby Avery

Age: Early 30s
Height: 5’10 without heels
Body type: Curvy, thick
Bust: 38 DDD (natural)
Hair color: Light brown
Hair type: Curly
Eyes: Hazel
Interests: Fitness, holistic nutrition, cooking, lifestyle documentaries, participating in cultural food tours, attending live plays, and exploring historical sites.
Unique facts: I’ve worked in many industries, I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree and multiple credentials, I’ve been involved in many extra-curricular activities and spent many years playing sports.
Preferred drink: Bourbon & IPA or Sour Style Beers

Email: [email protected]


    “Intimacy is physical as well as mental.”

    Let me start by expressing my passion for the experiences I provide here at Sagebrush Ranch. I have always been a very sensual person, feeling constricted by the social norms that I grew up around regarding dating and sex.

    It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I really started to allow myself to let go of stigmas and pursue what truly interests me. I have always been infatuated by intimacy, and have found a love for sharing that with others.

    I am committed to extending my formal education in the field, eager to learn more about all aspects of intimacy, from physical to psychological. My specific interest would be to study these in the context of society and culture. Of course, intimacy takes many forms and is multifaceted in nature. Intimacy is physical as well as mental.

    The type of encounter that you should expect when booking an appointment with me should be one where we take the time to make a true connection. Conversation with substance and good communication are both very important to me. Talking and sharing ideas, life experiences and opinions are so vital in creating an authentic, quality physical connection. I enjoy exploring new experiences that my clients may be interested in and educating my clients about the female form and how to take intimacy to another level. I have been told that I am sexy, sultry, sensual, funny, playful and have a good, genuine heart. It is innate for me to take my time to make sure that you are comfortable, at ease, and relaxed. My goal is for you to have a full, well-rounded experience with me.

    As I always say, building and maintaining true connections with others is the spice of life! Email me at [email protected] so we can become acquainted.

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