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Draven Star

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“Im the love child of Dolly and Poe”

Vital stats:

Height: 5’4
Weight: 130
Birthday: January 19th
Body: Curvy and toned
Bisexual: Very
GFE: Yes, please!
Fetish: I have yet to find a limit
Handicap: Yes
TS: Yes
Twitter: @thedoomdoll
Instagram: @thedoomdoll

Hi cuties! I’m Draven Star (Miss Doom if ya feelin’ nasty)! I’m your goth fantasy that wasn’t just a phase, and I am so thrilled to be available to cater to your every need or desire.

I’m so excited to be able to meet all of my fans, and make new friends here at Sagebrush Ranch. I’m an AVN and Inked award winning porn star, as well as having my own production company and being porno’s version of Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Don’t let my tattoos fool you now! I only look (kinda!) tough!!

I feel at home at any kind of outing – any art or live music event, and with long sleeves I can blend into any upscale environment – unless you’d like everyone to be jealous of the wild child on your arm ;D I’m newer to the Ranch and I am so excited to go exploring with you! I love nice dinners, cuddling and watching movies or listening to records, good whiskey, live shows, museums and soaking up the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. I would love to eat cheese and have stimulating conversation while laying under a full moon amongst these mountains.

I welcome all people; regardless of handicap, race, age or choice of pronoun/gender identification. I’m very experienced with fetish work and am a trained Switch. Before any fetish party, we will talk in depth about what your boundaries are; and I have safewords I use (Mercy, Yellow, Red) if you don’t have ones that you are comfortable with. I wear a perfect size 6, for you foot lovers! I welcome gentlemen that enjoy pegging, as well. In my room there is no such thing as judgement, kink or body shaming. You chose your pronouns and I will never pry into the life that was given to you before you began to live your truth. You cannot help any disability you may have and I will never make you feel as if you have to apologize for it.

I pride myself in providing a safe, encouraging and comfortable environment for anyone who chooses to spend more intimate time with me.

I absolutely adore GFE and am very sensual by nature. The connections I make through this are so special and intimate – the kind of parties where I will remember you for the rest of my life. I find the human body fascinating and beautiful. I love the enthralling differences between the scent of sweat, skin and your pheromones drawing me closer to you as my skin reacts and tingles under your breath. I get my enjoyment and passion from knowing I gave you an incredible experience, a smile from ear to ear and a temporary loss of knowing how to spell your own name; as the only name you can think of is mine.

If you are a virgin, please feel no intimidation due to my experience. If anything, you should feel incredibly at ease. I didn’t lose my own virginity until I was 18 and I understand how important it can be to go slower and allow our chemistry take us over. No ones first experience should feel rushed or pressured at all. Come into my room filled with soft lighting, fabrics and LED trees; you will feel as if you are in an ethereal forest and transported to a different world. I will never forget your openness and gift to me. I assure you wont forget me, either.

In my porn career, I’ve been very blessed. I am a current performer and the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Inked Awards. I’ve worked with legends like Belladonna and Tommy Gunn, have a toy molded after my own likeness and have been nominated for AVNs; including Unsung Starlet of The Year, Best Oral Scene, Best Boy/Boy/Girl scene and Best Boy/Girl/Girl scene. My titles have won awards like Best Comedy of The Year. If you are looking for a threesome, I am the perfect woman for you. I love spending special attention to both parties, as well as providing a fun environment to giggle away any awkwardness that might linger. As a bisexual woman, my heart swells when I am able to give both men and women an orgasm that makes them shake and scream in ecstasy. Nothing gets me wetter than pleasing my partner. If you are single, allow me to choose the perfect woman to join us if you are unsure (there are a lot of beautiful women here). I promise to give you lasting memories and a desire have us again.

I so very much look forward to meeting you here at my new home at Sagebrush Ranch. Feel free to email me any time day or night, as I will respond to you asap. No question is embarrassing, silly or out of line – but please remember that I only discuss pricing in my personal room. <3

Please let me know if this is okay or if you need any editing or different photos. I am having another shoot soon and will be able to update with a wider variety of images.


Draven Star

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